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2017 Season!

Executive Chef, Adi Mandel, who joined us here
              on Block Island at the start of the season
    is doing fantastic both here at the Inn and at Eli's as
well.   His food is new, exciting and receiving
           rave reviews from all customers

  He was mostly recently at Bristol Oyster Bar,
              located in Bristol, Rhode Island, but Adi's
talents and background are so much more! 
Including being a Chef at ...

The Mooring - Newport, RI
Waterman Grill - Providence, RI
Hotel Viking - Newport, RI
Ten Prime Steak and Sushi - Providence, RI
... and much more!

         We are excited to have Adi put a fresh face on both
Restaurant 1879 and Eli's as well!

Restaurant 1879


                  Come sample one of  2017's newest and most 
          intriguing menus on Block Island created by Chef Adi's  
                             very talented staff that includes:

                                    Sous Chef Dennis Gomes


                                Pastry Chef Courtney Segal

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A passion for food, maintaining its purity and a desire to use
locally sourced products, organically grown items and 

only the  freshest selections from near and far...: